Stop Paying for Hot Water You Don't Use

Ask about a tankless water heater installation in Memphis, TN

There's nothing worse than starting your day with ice-cold water in what should be a warm, relaxing shower. Instead of suffering in silence, trust a professional contractor to repair your leaking water heater. 901 AC Services offers comprehensive water heater services - including installations, repairs and replacements - throughout the Memphis, Tennessee area. We recommend tankless water heaters for our customers, but we can repair any type of system.

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Water heater Installation & Repair Memphis, TN

Signs of a broken water heater

If you keep an eye out for the signs of a damaged water heater, you can prevent more serious problems. We recommend inspecting your unit regularly to check for warning signs. If your water heater damaged is beyond repair, we can perform a tankless water heater installation.

You may need a new water heater if you notice your unit...

  • Produces strange odors
  • Is leaking
  • Is corroded
  • Is rusted
  • Has condensation on it

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